Samsung unveils phone of a typical folding

Reviewed Samsung a prototype for a new folding-at its conference for developers today, while talking about the interface, One new UI, which begs a lot of questions and mystery of this disclosure.

I didn’t remember Samsung any details about the phone model, we don’t know his name nor his description of art, not even if they intend to manufacture it already, and the techniques used in its screen to fold.

The company says that this form of the fold will make the phone be in your pocket more easily, and covers from the way you use them also.

Since the launch of phone Galaxy Fuld folding a few months ago, and Samsung is working on improving and updating the user interface to conform with new cases to use.

Currently the development of the Samsung New Version One UI 2 which is an improved version of the interfaces provided by the mobile phones the leading s-10 and Note 10 of this year.

In terms of usability, the One UI 2 the easiest to get to and handle when you hold the phone with one hand, and the available colors of the best animated icons and a new night full.

With this sequence, detection of Samsung, do you expect to be next year year phones collapsible to?.

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