Samsung want to become the source of the first sensor of the camera

Samsung wants to become the largest manufacturer sensor camera in the world instead of the Japanese company Sony, which acquires a stake of up to 50% of this market capacity up to 100 thousand sensors per month .

The Korean company has come to see that image sensor its own ISOCELL reached almost to the level of parity in terms of quality with the sensors that Sony also Samsung began to feel increasingly customers are asking the sensor of your camera from the company smart phones and even cars therefore I decided to aggressively enter into this market .

Samsung already has its production line the sensor is expected to add another production line to become the company’s capacity of productivity of 120 thousand sensor by the end of this year.

Sony will not stand idly by as the company invested $ 4 million in this sector in 2015 with the movements of the Samsung the last is definitely the company moves to increase its production capacity.


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