Samsung wants to charge their devices at a distance

Samsung Electronics is working to create a stationary hub for charging mobile devices at a distance. Reported by phoneArena with reference to the website of the world intellectual property organization, registered the patent the South Korean vendor with the appropriate content.

From the description it follows that the development will operate according to the principle of the router. Being connected to the outlet, the hub will be continuously broadcast radio frequency is converted into electricity. All compatible devices coming in range of it, will be able to connect to the hub for recharging.

Samsung does not specify what powers would be published by the charging station signal, however, suggests that it will be enough to cover an ordinary room. The connection will be maintained regardless of the obstacles like furniture and occupants in the room of people and even when moving the device from place to place.

Informed the development of charging stations that do not require direct contact with the charging device, has announced a startup Energous Corporation. The company’s engineers refused induction technology, calling this method is obsolete, and focused on the principles of conversion of electricity into a radio signal.

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