Samsung wants to copy the main “chip” iPhone X

Samsung unhappy with the face scanner in its Galaxy smartphones and Galaxy S9 S9 Plus and plans to develop analog technology Face ID for future flagship. Developed by Israeli start-up Mantis Vision, writes the Bell.

The main reason for this is that Samsung can not yet compete with Apple, if we talk about the function of face recognition. Galaxy S9 and S9+ continue to use the 2D-scanning and recognition of eye iris, which compares with a security level of 3D-scanning of faces in iPhone X. Therefore, though the function began to work in Samsung innovations faster, it is still not so reliable.

Another “vulnerability” is the most Intelligent system Scan. So she can unlock the smartphone if the wearer’s head closed, so anyone with similar appearance are able to access personal information. The scanner iris will not allow access to the contents of a smartphone to a stranger, but it is activated only if the scanned face does not coincide with the “snapshot” stored in memory.

According to rumors, Samsung is developing a 3D-scanner using the company Namuga sensors, and introduce new technology along with the Galaxy S10. However, by the time Apple is likely to develop something even better and safer.

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