Samsung wants to sell the screen by folding the other companies

samsung-galaxy z flip_02

Works Samsung on the development of the young ladies folding for a very long time, and last year, appeared the first on a smartphone Galaxy Fold. Even now, there are not a lot of companies that offer similar devices, but this may change in the future.

Because the display division at Samsung announced the marketing of glass Ultra Thin Glass that can be used in the development of smart phones with folding. According to the deputy head of the marketing team screens, smart phones in Samsung, Mr. Dennis Choi, he has stated by saying : ” thanks to the window cover polyamide our existing, the development of cover Ultra Thin Glass flexible new Very we can now meet the needs of the most demanding customers “.

He added : ” It is clear that the Ultra Thin Glass from Samsung is an alternative to the industry very attractive which is an example of another important to our dedication in technology development and excellence on the manufacturing level “. It is not clear who may require to buy Samsung screens are collapsible, but with the availability of Samsung screen by folding the other companies, it should lead to the development of more similar devices.

Even now, we can’t calculate, only four companies made or produced devices folding. Including Samsung and Huawei and Motorola and Royole. At the moment, still hardware folding popular mixed, everyone praised it as a concept, but was met with the development so far with mixed reviews.


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