Samsung was the most sold fake versions of its phones through 2017

Most people have personal experience or have heard the story of someone who fell victim to sellers of smartphones, they are in almost all the states, where it sold at attractive prices can be less than half the price of the original phone. Has released data 2017 for phones article, in which it was reported that 2.64% of the total phones sold were counterfeit and had the largest share of Samsung phones. It is not surprising that Samsung emerged as the brand most tradition, they are by 2017 and for many years has maintained its position as the largest maker of smartphones in the world. It was the most volatile during the past year is the Galaxy S7 edge, comes after Galaxy W2016 وW2017 as well as the Galaxy S8 plus. Has not delivered the phones to the apple of the tradition is the other, where its phones second place was the iPhone 7 Plus is more a hobby its a tradition. Source: CnBeta

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