Samsung: when I turn the table on you because your options

If you ask me, about the only thing that I can’t deny about Samsung, then my answer would be is its marketing plan and its wide prevalence in the various markets of the Arab West. Of course, the proliferation of Samsung like this is a good thing no one can deny this interpretation in the popular South Korean company, but …

In my personal opinion I see that Samsung recently used its market value and widespread for the promotion is misleading for some of the phones available to the vulnerable makes it look like they give the options of odd or unjustified, especially for those interested in technology and pursuing the development of devices and markets, and I’ll explain you my point of view but before that it is the beginning of the article I hope you don’t get me wrong, I’m not an enemy to the Samsung, but I’m trying to make a point about the marketing policies of “misinformation” that is followed by Samsung recently in relation to equipment available.

My talk in this article will center around the Samsung A6 and A6+ and will not be provided a review of the device as much as being the major points I want to deliver my point of view and debate with you about this topic.

I won’t keep you more than that and let’s get started..

As we know, the Samsung devices are available within certain categories, the first of which is the class leading senior a class Note is followed by in the leading category also the category of the S and then move on to medium high under the name of A share that is also a category C in the same general characteristics, category, medium regular, under the name of J.

Supposed that these groups differ among themselves aspects of the design state that is progressive in the sense that the category of the medium to be properties -any of the group characteristics and specifications of basic is shared between devices of the same category – less of the properties of the category top this is it’s natural, so as to disperse the groups from each other and target different segments of consumers and that each series of devices enjoy the price point is different from the other meal of the interaction between these categories.

Well, until now we haven’t seen what’s the problem?!

Before I complete I want you to look carefully at this picture and try to discover the strange thing.

The funny thing here is that the first phone on the left is the A6 a new Samsung category Upper Intermediate the first phone in this category exhibit No. 6, and on the right we find a phone J7 phone Pro average category at least.

What phone is the A6+ is the first phone of the class A holds the number 6 so I had a Samsung that distinguish this device from other devices, at least to give it a design that is different from the category of J, to distinguish first of all and secondly because we’re in 2018 and the hardware design is now the most important feature of it, we all want to carry the phones distinct in design and appearance.

Which I’ll mention very much within the article is the price where I’m in every argument almost, I’m crossing you between the options of Samsung in the design state, etc.. with the price that you are asking for the competition market also.

I know that the idea of appearance itself might not be so important a lot for some where they may not care about the fact that the device is similar to devices category at least or not, but there are people who deceived the marketing of Samsung for the device and the top that you require, which I’ll mention later bought the device thinking that it is better than its predecessor especially with the new name and the biggest reason required.

The other thing that I see a major flaw in really Samsung is a marketing of what is known as “Infinity Display” or screen of the infinite, which is the trade name for Samsung’s flagship phones the screen dialogue is almost non-existent as the most important feature, add for high precision and new dimensions (19.5:9)Now what you are doing Samsung it simply invites any screen dimensions of the new with the Infinity Display though the screen with the edges of the large and curved, they are only involved screen phones are the leading dimensions of the New, which is misleading so that you when you hear in the ads that a device like the A6 comes this screen will miss you this because you thought that the screen actually facing those in the flagship phones.

This conflict is unacceptable from Samsung for its large market and because the distortion to the reputation of the company.

If done so, one of the small companies like Doogee’ll just have to accept that it is something you do already but in different ways, either by Samsung, I feel that I walked right by.

The Secretariat does not I mean that the screen is bad it is of type Super Amoled, but the screen remains average compared to the class leading in terms of accuracy and design.

Now we’ll move on to the big problem in the machine, especially the A6+ is not a gear, so that your Samsung A6+ carries processor of the type Snapdragon 450! Samsung is asking about $ 430 Xen device! In this category price is absolutely unacceptable that a processor of the lower level of Qualcomm, especially since we’re talking about the category A and the category that is followed by the category-leading initiative.

The strange thing which made me really, really angry. when I conducted research in the topic is that Samsung itself asked us to phone A5 last year at a lower price under an internal reconciliation that is better than this, as the A5 comes with a processor Exynos 7880 which is about Snapdragon processor 625 in performance and rights in many respects to the current proposal and the option Samsung processor 450.

Is actually is why I find no justification at all, because we see other devices from different manufacturers provide us with devices in the category of $ 400, such as Nokia 7 plus which comes with a processor Snapdragon 660 and Android Wen modern design and features are very large and are the rights on the new Samsung phone in the same category and price, and of course, this example alone there is a large list of available devices of the hand gear of which carry the processors from the 600 class comes at a price of around $ 400.

We must not forget that the interface Samsung the already burdened shoulders of the partner processor, whatever its class, and we stayed one Samsung on your this kind of therapist?!

Again, does not mean that the device is not able to withstand the everyday tasks that we do on our devices, but at the same time there’s a big difference who makes a device with such hardware, indoor and asks a fair price and make the device the same gear almost fly price is automatically from the market because of high competition between large corporations to the middle class.

Maybe I can understand the unwillingness of traders comparison between Samsung devices and other companies, and I respect that, therefore I’ll compare you phone A6+ new Samsung with phone A5 last year and see for yourself the extent of the decline of Samsung and the amount of errors of the gas justified for me, especially since it’s supposed to come A6+ specifications much higher than the A5.

First: I think that the A-class come standard resistance to dust and water which we saw with the A5 and disappeared entirely with the phones this year from the same category which is odd because this feature required a lot of consumers and the option removed with the lifting of the price of the device puzzled me explicitly!

Secondly:what was Samsung thinking when they decided to remove the port the USB C and replaced the Micro USB dill dead in the year 2018 is? Especially when we know that phone A3 of the financial year was in the USB port C.

There are a lot of features that are no longer groundbreaking features 2018 no it is no longer a luxury, but are postulates which must be contained in any device making this year or even last year.

Third:why Samsung has decided to dispense with standard AC Wifi and sufficiency with the least a/b/n/g? Note that the A5 it has AC Wifi, which offers quality wireless connection speeds and greater in transportation than the standard chosen by Samsung for A6+.

Fourth:the advantage of the fast shipping of the most important features that contained in Samsung A5, and again why Samsung has decided dispensable with phone A6+! Especially it replaced the separate USB C, Micro USB port, as I said, this will be reduced from all the features that the uniqueness of higher categories from lower categories of devices however the device its price is more expensive than the price of the devices last year with the specifications below.

Outside of hair beta, the Samsung phone A6+ has the same chip of the processor that holds their phone A3 version of the fiscal year.

The other thing that bothered me in all devices expected from Samsung is the place the primary speaker on the side of the device, it takes the theme of the stranger is very easy blocking images by hand when carrying the device.

Are these errors the design in the machine which is considered the Deal Breaker or reason to the imperative not to buy the machine.


My word this does not mean that the device doesn’t have any good features, the camera or the device according to our choice between the A6 and A6+ are very good as seen from the image samples the results are very satisfactory, which was lacking with the series devices A previous. But Samsung is Samsung, you can’t give us the full experience with the camera due to the absence of the installation of the electronic (not to mention the Visual, but I don’t ask for this feature at this price) this feature does not think of leading features as many of the devices that the price is much lower now carry this feature.

And don’t forget that the device’s camera can’t capture videos of 1080p at 60 frames per second, if that frame rate maximum of 30 frames per second, and of course we have no filming in 4k unfortunately..

Of the good features carried by the device is the long battery life, since battery able to last about 6 hours and more of great comfort (of course on heavy use medium) so that the battery capacity of 3,500 Mili amps and give better results than some of the phones that report The size of the card by more than 4000 Milli amps. No complaints here at all and maybe this feature is the only reason I recommend buying the device if the battery life is very important for you.

After all the above let’s try to reach a result here.

Which I found is that Samsung’s first marketing misleading their expected and I mean also what you did with the screen of the device as previously reported, because of the reputation of the company is good and spread is very clear, especially in the Arab world, the consumers will listen to buy the device based on the marketing plan for Samsung .

This marketing plan would fit on the Samsung in the end if it continues on this course.

Secondly, and this point for those interested in technology and have a lookout on the specifications even if in general they have a loyalty to the company.

Because of the amount of basic features missing from the device which no longer feature a luxury anymore, they will be reluctant to buy the device and Go directly to the category top although there is a huge amount of other options within this price range which offer a lot of features derived from the flagship phones.

Of course my words about phone A6 is not to deny that these errors are present on Samsung phones too New of a category J as J6, which doesn’t even account Auto Brightness and a special LED for notifications, do you think these groundbreaking features adds to the price of the device a lot and we are in the year 2018 is?

Of course, Samsung promotes the device based on the feature of Face Unlock which, to say the least it is slow, so that the machine takes about 3 seconds to unlock the device which is about 10 times the time required to open the device fingerprint. Not to mention being technical alone is not fully effective, i.e. that the device will not be on your face if you put like glasses or something.

Once again Samsung has developed a feature it’s no use real ones, just for the sake of the promotion of the polygon.

My problem for the last time, are the price of the device is exaggerated compared to the specs that it offers.

You can see the features of the Samsung A6 from here ,and A6+ from here.

I know what you are currently doing, feel like I had a runner of long years with Samsung, in the event that the situation is different right!

Since I’m talking about the company that bad because as they say “a mistake of the poet in a thousand!”

Tell me your opinion in the comments do you agree with me, in the words of my ex or find a justification for these options from Samsung?

Waiting for your opinions let’s talk about this topic.

Blog Samsung: when you turn the table on you because your options have been published first in are.

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