Samsung will abandon the Galaxy Note line

Samsung has always had clear positioning and separation of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. These were high-end devices, but the Galaxy Note smartphones offered a larger display and a stylus with which it was convenient to control such a large screen. However, the last couple of generations have become equal in size, and the only difference between smartphones is the presence of the S Pen. Naturally, conversations began to arise about the advisability of releasing two similar flagships a year.

And according to the available data, Samsung has revised its strategy for next year. It became known that the company will abandon the Galaxy Note line. And the branded S Pen will be offered in one of the versions of the Galaxy S21 (obviously, it will be the Galaxy S21 Ultra).

There was also a rather curious information that in the fall of 2021 there will be a release of a foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Fold 3 equipped with an S Pen. And it will be the only flagship launched in the second half of the year.

So far, this information has not been officially confirmed, nevertheless, there is no smoke without fire. If Samsung decides to take such a step, it will definitely affect its sales of smartphones, because the company usually manages to deliver about 10 million Galaxy Note before the end of the year. And the foldable Galaxy Z Fold hasn't even been produced on that scale yet.

Do you think Samsung would do the right thing to ditch the Galaxy Note line?

Source: SamMobile

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