Samsung will be launching +Galaxy P30/P30 exclusively in China with the screen of the LCD display


This afternoon a new report says that Samsung plans to launch smartphones new middle class carry the names Galaxy P30 +and Galaxy P30 exclusively in China note that these two phones will be the code name SM-G6200.

Still these rumors are fairly new where the alleged initial reports from @MMDDJ on Twitter that they will be the first phones from Samsung which have a sensor of fingerprints on the screen, but rumors later says that these devices will the screen of the LCD display. It is generally known that the sensor footprint built-in screen is not compatible with LCD screens.

We have seen companies using this technology with OLED screens just. However, they have recently released a new report says that the company JDI has developed a type of sensor of fingerprints that work with LCD screens, but we do not believe that Samsung will be based on this type of sensor fingerprints. It doesn’t seem as if Samsung lacks the OLED screens to be of the fact we have to use sensor different fingerprints compatible with LCD screens.

Rumored that the Galaxy P30 Samsung is the first phone from Samsung uses a sensor fingerprint, which depends on the ultrasound from Qualcomm, which is a sensor fingerprint, which uses ultrasound to read a fingerprint on the reverse of the sensor current which depends on the capture image of the fingerprint, which is what you think of Samsung that knowledge to the lighting conditions and influences in the reproduction of the screen image.

Anyway, May is the launch of the two phones Galaxy P30 +and Galaxy P30 exclusively in China as early as next month. In case if you don’t know that, the Motorola company also recently launched phone Motorola P30 exclusively in China with a design similar to the design of the iPhone X. wonder if this means we’ll see Samsung launch a phone with the same design iPhone X also, we wonder whether the screen of this phone will cut in the middle part of the upper or not.



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