Samsung will be launching the commercial version of the tv The Wall TV in the next year

The Wall TV

Samsung revealed on her TV Mega Samsung The Wall TV adult size 146 inches which uses technology MicroLED in the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2018, which was held in January in Las Vegas, USA. Has shown Samsung through this TV technology MicroLED is improving the sound quality compared to the technology OLED. Having said that, it was reported to us by Samsung, now they will release the commercial version of the big TV Samsung The Wall TV in the next year.

The commercial version or rather a version intended for consumers of TV Samsung The Wall the TV is much thinner. The current version has a thickness of 80 mm, while the commercial version will remain a thickness of 30 mm only. It is clear that this TV is present for those who love buying TVs and luxury but the price may not be very high. Said the President of Samsung, Mr. Han Kong-hee that ” the price will not be as high as people think “.

Put the company’s technology MicroLED own as the successor to the OLED. Although OLED screens for smartphones remain legendary, has decided to Samsung not to choose this technique for your TV. Went another direction with the technology of Quantum LED or technology QLED TVs.

Like TVs that use the technology MicroLED counterparts that use the OLED technology, it does not require backlight because the pixels can lighting itself. Contrast ratio high power consumption is less than normal monitors. Before concluding we would like to point out that Samsung has yet to confirm when will be the commercial version of TV Samsung The Wall TV available for purchase and the amount of its cost.

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