Samsung will be the technique of the camera of the iPhone 11 for S11

Almost a month ago a few days ago from the version of the Galaxy Note 10 has the Famous Warrior Ice Universe by mentioning he stopped to telephone S11 will come with a new camera totally does not look like any camera in the smartphone market when it advised users particularly interested Samsung that ignore the No if they care deeply about the camera.

At this time we all wondered about those techniques that will come in the camera S11 and it has continued this uncertainty to The Ice Universe again watching Twitter on this matter:

As you can notice from Twitter calls that Samsung developed something similar to that which we saw in iPhone 11, a technique of Deep Fusion, which is working on the filming of 8-9 images and then integrate them with each other to get excellent quality and also details of the perfect image.

If this is the warrior’s right, we are and no doubt we’ll see a boom in Samsung cameras with phone S11, which by virtue of the public will be disclosed in the month of February after less than five months!

Perhaps you wonder about the chances of the phone said taxi S10 in to get this feature on hand software since it already comes with three cameras, and in this case no one really knows whether Samsung will allow this feature for phones older or not, it is my opinion they will do, or will do so after months of the issuance of the new phone.

Source: PhoneArena

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