Samsung will continue the task of manufacturing five smart phones in the next year to buy Chinese

Galaxy A40

Designed Samsung to Tokelau, the task of producing five of its smart phones in the next year to buy Wingtech China specialized in manufacturing hardware for other companies.

According to a new report released recently from the news agency Reuters, the company plans to Samsung to manufacture about 300 million phones in the year 2020, but about 60 million units of these smartphones will be manufactured by the company, Wingtech, and it is likely that this will be a smart phones part of a series of Galaxy A Series. Moreover, the company plans to Samsung to continue production of its smart phones the leading in Vietnam and India.

In case if you don’t know that, they Wingtech also manufactures smart phones for other companies such as Huawei and Xiaomi, and Oppo, has been making a bunch of phones to buy Samsung in the past also. Earlier this year, Samsung shut down its plant last in China in a move to reduce production costs. Can Chinese companies provide better prices for components and manufacture phones at a lower cost.

Will such a step is certainly to buy a Samsung to improve its competitiveness in the smartphone market economic medium. Confirms Samsung that the phones that are manufactured by Wingtech have the same quality phones manufactured by Samsung itself, so no need to worry about the decrease of potential in quality.


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