Samsung will forever refuse from the iconic line of smartphones

Samsung Electronics is preparing for the unification of the product lines Galaxy Note and Galaxy S next year, says business South Korean newspaper The Bell. According to the publication, the idea of crossing two independent product lines belongs to the Vice-President of the company Whether Jeenu, who returned to lead the company after a short imprisonment.

Despite the fact that, as a rule, heads of level Jeene do not deal with products directly, the loss of Samsung its position in the smartphone market and aggressive expansion of Chinese producers forced him to sacrifice this rule. The only way to solve the accumulated problems top Manager saw in the narrowing of the lineup flagships.

Galaxy Note 10 not work?

The fall in the profitability of the mobile business of Samsung has been steadily lead the company to the narrowing of the lineup of branded smartphones, writes The Bell. This may mean that next year the company will introduce the Galaxy Note 10, giving the role a flagship phablet with support for S Pen a 6.4-inch Galaxy S10+, the release of which is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019.

Galaxy X

However, according to independent sources, such as the reduction of the range of smartphones Samsung is still not going to happen. Even if the company decides to roll the project Galaxy Note, Galaxy X release foldable make up for this loss.

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