Samsung will give you a discount on a replacement one for your phone screen Galaxy Fold

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It seems to provide a discount on the replacement phone screen Galaxy Fold is mobile latest by Samsung to make its smartphone folding the first more attractive to consumers with the knowledge that this phone is definitely already on the beginning is very strong in South Korea. Samsung postpone launch of Galaxy Fold in the month of April due to fears of follow-up screen. However, the Samsung since then significant changes on the machine to enhance the durability, but still some consumers are afraid.

Customers who purchased the smartphone the most expensive in the history of Samsung of check to that you don’t have to pay full price to replace the screen. To ensure Samsung does not only cover the internal screen is foldable, which is logical because this screen is the most expensive place in this smart phone.

We heard that in addition to the warranty provided by all Galaxy devices, you’ll pick up Samsung replaced screen folding phone Galaxy Fold at a low price for one. Will all Galaxy Fold qualified to take advantage of this offer within one year from the date of purchase of the device. Customers who have a guarantee on your their pay reduced price for the replacement.

The value of the discount will vary depending on the market, this is understandable. Prices vary for reforms to the current machines of the market for the last. For example, you pay $ 239 dollars to replace the phone screen Galaxy Note 9 in the United States of America, and the equivalent of $ 193 USD in India. Has not been announced yet about the price of replacement screen the phone Galaxy Fold to the public yet, but the expectation that equivalent to the price of the replacement prices of some ordinary smart phones available in the market today. Maybe with the discount offered by the company Samsung, will cost to replace phone screen Galaxy Fold between 200$ and 250$, as is the case for the identity of the Galaxy Note Series and Galaxy S Series.

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