Samsung will if the Note 9 will technical insight during the days of the

I started increasing the pace of delivery on the second flagship from Samsung this year, Galaxy Note 9, but some reports were conflicting a good example is the talk about being the first phones brand Korean support reader fingerprint built-in screen.

Today, the source said, one newspaper Korea Herald and the other internal source is unknown, that the Samsung has 3 or 4 solutions to merge the reader insight in the screen, and is “seriously considering one of these methods to” bring Technical in Note 9, and it is scheduled to make a decision a final decision on bringing technical or postponed again by the end of March. While he didn’t mention the source of the Council the deadline to take the decision, where he sees that the mark of the Korean had a chance after the march to create technical enough to bring her to Note 9.

In other news, according to a new report that Samsung has already begun in the development of firmware used in Note 9.

And because the brand is Korean began to develop the firmware notes 8, on 6 April 2017 to apply at 23 August 2017, it means the festive launch of the Note 9 in early August instead of late, and it is also supported the launch of S9 early in the year, compared with its predecessor the S8.

Expected to come in Note 9 to the network infinity 2.0 which came with the S9 with the Parties to the thinnest frame stronger and cover glass, your name, Add to the reader insight to the traditional, and processors Snapdragon 845 for U.S. and Exynos 9810 for world, with the RAM 6 gigabytes capacity, internal storage of 128 gigabytes.

And for the camera Visby rules developed in Note 9 to about Double in S9+, to show the battery capacity is the only point that is difficult to guess, but if we look at the battery capacity S9/S9+ that did not differ from his predecessor, perhaps the flagship phablet battery, 3,300 mA as in Note 8, and perhaps 3,500 mA as warned Samsung overload from repeated experience Note 7 Note 8 Pat affects the battery capacity of phones.

Knowing that if Samsung has decided to dispense reader insight to the traditional and bring a compact company in Note 9, This will create an empty space in the back of the phone, and this space may be used to enlarge the size of the battery capacity.

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