Samsung will launch a phone for games powered processor and graphics made by

سامسونج ستطلق هاتف للألعاب مدعوم بمعالج رسومات من صنعهاAccording to a report from website SamMobile to the fact that the company Samsung is leading the industry phone Games holds their relationship in accordance with the signals made famous three months ago, to come Ice the Universe Today, via publication, with the expansion of the Chinese Weibo; and indicating that the Korean company will launch the gaming device processor Central of making the company probably did not expect for a moment any information about the processor or graphics processing unit GPU that will give him Games phone coming from Samsung.

The launch of Samsung phone games refers largely to its desire to catch up with other manufacturers for Android devices, which are allocated to the phones with high specifications and games such as Droid Razr and Huawei with dead, 20 x those with black involved, as for to provide the processing unit of the making of the company means also stems from the company’s desire to distinguish its phone in the event of its launch, the competition features performance speed and clarity of the screen and the cooling for the phone itself, which is a landmark feature which phones games particularly for women the main.

It is not clear yet when it will be detected phone games from Samsung and what will you have company, and so the name is puzzling in and of itself in the shadow of the growing momentum in the names is attached for the information of the chairperson for phones.

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