Samsung will launch a version of Star Wars from the Galaxy Note 10+ next month

We are now a month away or less from the holiday season as well as separates us one month from the launch of the new Star Wars movie! These two events together. have Samsung to bring us a copy of Star Wars from the phone Galaxy Note 10 + newer with headset galaxy must.Note 10+ StarWars Edition

Version Star Wars of the Galaxy Note 10+

The new package on the occasion of the launch of the film will be the phone with the special design as well as cover special for the phone that while the headset Galaxy seemed to come too more than the color red and black is the distinctive color we haven’t seen before! Come all this along with some additions to the software of the phone such as the emergence of various forms when you close and open the phone to the side of the wallpapers and icons special.

The S Pen itself in a copy of Star Wars from the Galaxy Note 10+ will come in a different color where it will come -as the photo – red light special and in line with the overall design of this women. The phone will be available starting from 13 October at a price of $ 1,300 USD with the fish course will be a phone available in the United States, Australia, make, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the UAE.

Note 10+ StarWars Edition

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