Samsung will make smartphones cheaper in the next year

Perhaps, to each user, choosing a new smartphone is to buy the most productive and functional of the device at the lowest price. Today, when the market is manufacturers like Huawei, Xiaomi and Vivo, this is not difficult, because they are willing to respond to market conditions, producing balanced from the point of view of characteristics, and from the point of view of cost of the device. All this has led to the fact that vendors of the first echelon started to lose their positions, giving their competitors from China. But Samsung decided that it was not for her.

Samsung smartphones will soon become cheaper, and here’s why

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To stop the outflow of consumers and to resume their inflows, Samsung has decided to reduce the price of their smartphones. Of course, to do this without compromising quality or capabilities of the devices quite difficult. A living example – Galaxy A50, which, though popular, is still not an uncompromising model. To reduce the cost of the A50, Samsung had to equip its cheap plastic housing, which are now almost meet in the market, a mediocre camera and slow podanym a fingerprint scanner.

How to make a smartphone cheaper

This time, however, Samsung decided it would be better to begin saving is not on quality but on popularity. Therefore, in 2020 the company will produce about 20% of all its smartphones not alone, but with the help of specialists of the Corporation, Wingtech. This is a Chinese plant that is responsible for the production of devices Xiaomi and Huawei. However, in addition to Assembly services, the Chinese still offer services for the development and design of a wide range of electronics, and therefore is ready to take smartphones.

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Transfer Wingtech fifth of the total production of smartphones, which is approximately equal to 60 million copies, will allow Samsung to reduce their costs by 30% from the original indicators. As a result, the company will be able to lay a large part of the saving in their prices will drop quite significantly and as a result, will provide a sharp jump in sales. All this will give Samsung the chance to make a more aggressive competitive with Chinese producers who have taken over almost the entire market budget and mid-price smartphones.

Samsung smartphones will be the Chinese?

Despite the fact that to engage in the production of Samsung smartphones will be Wingtech, Koreans still expect to control the whole process from beginning to end. This will help to ensure compliance with all quality standards of Samsung, and thus, the final apparatus, released from the conveyor Wingtech, will not yield samples collected by Samsung itself on its own facilities. Well, if you do not see the difference, why pay more?

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Of course, the transfer of production of smartphones to outsource is a significant step for Samsung. It was therefore decided to start with inexpensive models. Despite the fact that it is unknown what devices will be produced in factories Wingtech, most likely they will be the smartphone lines, Galaxy On and Galaxy A, which is now most in demand, if not to take into account the flagship lineup. This is logical, given that buyers are cheap devices usually ready to catch, while the owners of expensive gadgets, it’s best not to disappoint, not to lose their trust.

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