Samsung will pay Apple a billion dollars for copying iPhone

The company Samsung was ordered to pay 539 million dollars to Apple for patent infringement technology giant, says Reuters. This is the amount the court assessed the similarity of smartphones South Korean company with the iPhone.

The claim was considered by the U.S. Supreme court, which awarded Apple compensation in this amount. In Cupertino expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision, however, there is nothing stopping Samsung to appeal. In this case, the process will begin again.

In fact it is only one stage of litigation between the two companies, which already 7 years have filed lawsuits against each other around the world.

Apple first sued Samsung in 2011 for violating the patented design of the iPhone, including its rectangular front face with rounded edges and icons on a black screen. The company has evaluated its damage of a billion dollars, but in the end the court awarded Apple $ 399 million.

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