Samsung will pay Apple a billion dollars in the case of copying the iPhone

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. obligated to pay Apple Inc. compensation in the amount of half a billion dollars in the case of copying the iPhone. It follows from the court’s decision, according to which the South Korean company applied the patents belonging to its opponent, in the production of branded smartphones.

Describe the dispute began in 2011. Then Apple accused Samsung to use their design practices, estimating the damage at one billion dollars. Samsung for its part insisted on the willingness to pay compensation, the amount of which, however, should not exceed $ 28 million.

According to official representatives of Apple Inc., in Cupertino happy with the outcome of the proceedings ended, because the design of the iPhone is crucial to the success of the company. The damages that Samsung Electronics must pay according to the court, as virtually no plays.

Representatives of Samsung Electronics, in turn, was quite stingy with comments, adding, however, that they will appeal the decision. At one stage of the seven-year confrontation between the companies lawyers Koreans have repeatedly managed to change the amount of compensation to the lower side.

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