Samsung will release a flexible smartphone for a year before Apple

Currently, frameless smartphones have become the norm for the market. iPhone X and Galaxy S9 do not surprise consumers, who are accustomed to the slim framework. So the logical question is — what happens next? What transformirovalsya the flagships of the manufacturers? One thing is clear: the current form factor can no longer offer anything new.

And this is why back in 2011, Samsung started working on flexible displays. In 2013, was shown a prototype flexible display, and in 2019 Samsung rumored to release Galaxy X is a flexible device that will fold and unfold, turning from a square “glands” in the device display 2:1. It is quite feasible, given that many companies are working on flexible batteries, and items that cannot be bend, can be placed on one side of the device is books.

According to Bank of America, Apple is preparing a similar device to the output in 2020, i.e. a year later than Samsung. Currently, the Network is walking a lot of rumors regarding the flagship Apple 2019. So, it presents three devices with different diagonals displays, similar to iPhone X, then there is no revolution in 2019 from Apple should not wait, as his trump card the company has already walked this year.

In the case of Korean guys can actually “shoot” in 2019, but, of course, impossible to say definitely that they will have time to finish the device. So, some analysts believe that in the near future flexible flagship from Samsung is not worth waiting, as the problem lies in the durability of flexible displays, the cycles of flexion and extension which is small.

According to the materials of phonearena

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