Samsung will ship the digital assistant Bixby 3.0 with her phone rollaway Galaxy F


Through its annual conference, Bixby Developer Day, Samsung disclose some new information about her assistant digital Bixby Assistant.

According to the deputy head of the Department of research and development, and artificial intelligence at Samsung, Mr. Eui-Suk Chung, it seems that Samsung aims to ship the second version 3.0 of the digital assistant Bixby with her smart phone rollaway currently known in the name of the Galaxy F. That would happen initially the arrival of the Bixby 3.0 in the month of March next. However, Mr. Eui-Suk Chung alas, not to reveal anything specific about the improvements that will bring the digital assistant Bixby 3.0.

Other than that, I didn’t make Samsung any new information about digital assistant Bixby at its annual conference, Bixby Developer Day. Focused conversations about Bixby Developer Studio and Bixby Marketplace, the two topics discussed by Samsung at its annual conference for developers earlier this month.

Samsung will also open a digital assistant Bixby to third-party developers and allow them to sell new features not relevant to this digital assistant through Bixby Marketplace. And yet it is still not clear whether Bixby 3.0 will be up to Samsung devices current, before the release of the phone Galaxy F, foldable or not.



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