Samsung will show the Galaxy Note 9 in Brooklyn on August 9

Of course, summer could not pass without a big announcement from Samsung, and today we learned that it will be for the announcement. The company has sent out invitations to the Unpacked event that will take place at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on August 9, and that, even by the standards of Samsung, is an extremely powerful arena for shows. The star of the presentation, as you may have guessed, will be the Galaxy Note 9. Obviously, Samsung has not yet specified that in Brooklyn will be shown exactly Note 9, but judge for yourself: the photograph invitation exactly the S Pen, the Note 8 was announced around the same time last year, and the Note 9 only recently passed the procedure of approval of the FCC. What else can take place on the 9th of August?

The details of the party are not revealed yet, but if we can something to guess in addition to the traditional massive screen Note 9 will receive one of the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets 845. Also interestingly enough, why is the invitation so much Samsung relies on the S Pen stylus. Does this mean that the company will add the user uses the S Pen? Possible. In addition, along with certification held phone, and tablet probably, the new Galaxy Tab S4, so August 9 is sure to be juicy.

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