Samsung will stop releasing two flagship per year

According to the information available, Samsung is seriously considering the advisability of release two flagship lines (Galaxy S and Galaxy Note) and wants to combine them.

Talking about the merger of the two flagship lines Samsung go for several years. And it is logical that they aktiviziruyutsya in those moments when things at the company go not quite as planned. Now sales of the Galaxy S9 is far from ideal: in the second quarter the number of sold smartphones has decreased (from 10.2 million in the first 9 million), and this is clearly not like the management of the company. And given the fact that before the announcement of the Galaxy Note 9 there are only two and a half weeks, the situation just will not improve, because the new flagship chip away the portion of sales in the premium segment.

A different outcome and we should not expect, because the differences between the devices is minimal: they have similar positioning, is almost identical to iron (Qualcomm updates its top-end chipsets once a year), the only difference is the presence of the stylus. And now they say that Samsung plans to sell 12 million smartphones Note 9, and this is not a very big progress compared with predecessor (Note 8 sales amounted to 11 million units).

In addition, according to the latest reports, Samsung is planning to release three versions of the Galaxy S10 (Hello, Apple). And if the Korean company decides to really combine two of the flagship line, the Galaxy S10+ can get the S-Pen. It will be targeted at users who need the large display and stylus, the others will be able to choose between normal or slightly more budget-S10.

And, of course, the unification of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S will allow Samsung to save resources, which can, for example, be spent on developing a bendable smartphone Galaxy X. Its announcement, by the way, is expected next year.

Source: gsmarena
Image: androidcentral

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