Samsung working on a mini version of the smart speaker Galaxy Home

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Reported by the news report that the company Samsung is working on the development of the speaker and smart new, mini version of the smart speaker “Galaxy homes” Galaxy Home, which I announced in last August during an event announcing her smart phone Galaxy Note.

And ask the South Korean company megaphone “Galaxy homes” based on her smartphone, “Bixby” Bixby in the after-market, he came up with the specifications of strong qualify for a competition speaker smartphone from Apple, the “home iPod” HomePod, which is the other delayed putting it on the market a lot.

The “Galaxy homes” that supports the audio technology of the company AKG, featuring 8 mics, and the ability to direct the sound towards the seating place of the user, as well as the design of his luxury.

With expectations that the price will be “galaxy homes” not less than $ 350, it seems that Samsung is considering making a smaller version at a low price competitive with many smart speakers, including the “Google Home” and “Amazon Echo”, which provides for a price close to 200 USD.

He stated the website, “Sam Mobile” SamMobile, specializing in news Samsung, he got the information that the company is working on another version of the speaker “Galaxy homes” bearing the model number SM-V310, with reference to the amplifier current holds the model number SM-V510.

The site added that he doesn’t know about the device that Samsung is working on developing it now but it will come in black, pointed out that the company has been working to amend the specification of the “Galaxy homes” the current, in order to reduce its price, such as to provide a smaller number of microphones.

Predicted “Sam Mobile” Samsung is announcing a thumbnail version of a “galaxy homes” through their participation at the rate of consumer electronics CES 2019 estimated between 8 and 11 next January in Las Vegas.

The gate Arab News Technical Samsung working on a mini version of the smart speaker Galaxy Home

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