Samsung working on season Exynos 5G for smart phones, the next in the year 2019


Obviously the 5G technology is wireless connectivity, which requires all actors in the market of equipment and devices, has announced the Communications of America AT&T and Verizon about their plans to launch the fifth-generation networks gradually in the United States of America, so it’s not surprising to learn that Samsung is preparing itself for this new generation of wireless networks high-speed.

According to a new report released recently from South Korea, it appears that Samsung is working on a modem for portable devices supports 5G. Talked to Samsung briefly about 5G during the exhibition of consumer electronics CES 2018, which was held recently in Las Vegas, USA, but apparently the company has introduced what they’re working on behind closed doors. In the case if this report is true, it’s the ” Exynos 5G ” will work its way probably to smart phones coming from the company in the year 2019, which is supposed to include the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 or whatever names that will come out.

The report also went so far as to say that the chip modems that work on Samsung are in line with the requirements of version 15, which is the amount established by 3GPP networks 5G. It is expected to be the season belonging to the Samsung support range of low frequency such as the 6GHz range and high frequency, such as 28GHz and 39GHz. He also says that it will be compatible with the networks 2G and 3G and 4G LTE.

Transfer from the official sector, saying : ” expected to reach chip season Exynos 5G to smart phone business in the year 2019 when they are providing 5G in principle in some areas. Samsung will smart phone market that supports generation networks quintet in earnest in the second half of the year 2021 or 2022 by participating actively in version 16, which is on the complete networks of the fifth generation of 5G “.



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