Samsung working to provide talks full video a actually enhanced through the phones

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سامسونج تعمل على تقديم محادثات فيديو كاملة بالواقع المعزز عبر هواتفها

When Samsung introduced the feature en Emoji in my phone Galaxy S 9 Galaxy S-9 plus suppose a lot of her time to this property it is only a tradition to Animoji developed by Apple in the phone its last iPhone x which depends on add filters and change the attributes of the destination through the technology of augmented reality built-in camera phone.

Indeed, there is convergence between them in terms of content and possibilities and the technique used but Samsung came the development of the most important where can offer en Emoji that you download the user’s face totally into a cartoon character which I can not play technology Apple TV similar, at least until now.

But it seems that Samsung does not intend to write that they are planning to get as far as this is where they submitted in 2013 a request for a patent to allow users to make video chat with each other using three-dimensional models of their faces showing facial expressions and movement in real time, and has already been awarded a patent from the patent and Trademark Office and American.

Will System Phone Galaxy future with a camera the face of the three-dimensional-based talks full video using the anime, supported by augmented reality, so the provided by Samsung with en Emoji is just an aperitif before there can be application of video communications in particular it depends on the augmented reality altogether.

And the patent on that “systems of video communications exist usually require display high-bandwidth and time response the most, where you must create the available full images and compressed and then sent in fractions of a second”.

Will be addressed to the patent submitted by Samsung problem maintaining eye contact so that people usually can’t maintain eye contact during a Video Chat because the camera not be installed in the middle of the screen but installed at the tip of the upper framework of the company.

Came in the text of the patent: “there is a need for a system of visual communication is able to show the similarity to the user’s actual facial expressions and movement in real time with reduced bandwidth”. Accordingly there will be a need for more sophisticated techniques in order to accelerate the communication and processing of data, and this often will have the Samsung in its phones next updated great revolution in the use of techniques of augmented reality via smartphones.

Currently working en Emoji in the creation of a symbolic image based on the image of you which you can then send them as picture files GIF but can’t use it for video chat.

If the application of the new patent granted to Samsung on EN Emoji will enable users to communicate with each other through video chat supported on augmented reality.

Samsung working to provide talks full video a actually enhanced through the phones

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