Samsung’s challenge to the venue of the next conference 4X FUN

4x fun

Samsung has announced days ago via its official website on the special event to be held on 11 October without referring to the venue, to the day and confirm that the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur will host this event.

The South Korean company sent invitations to journalists and media institutions to attend the conference next month in Kuala Lumpur, which seemed surprising being a Samsung usually hold this kind of conference in Europe or the United States of America.

It seems that Samsung chose South Asia to detect the smart phones new in an attempt to restore its control over the sector of smart phones in the Asian market after being captured by Chinese companies thanks to its phones cheap medium.

Even now I don’t know what is the phone that Samsung intends to disclose, but some projections indicate that smartphone is associated with will be a Galaxy A9, which may carry 4 cameras special background if we examine the conference theme: 4X FUN.

It is worth mentioning that the head of the department and prospects in the East, the Korean giant had confirmed earlier this month that Samsung planned to change its strategy related to phones cheap medium where going to support these phones with advanced technologies not available normally only in flagship phones, and provide the most competitive prices.


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