Samsung’s comment on the “scandal” her phone “Galaxy Fold” folding

Availability the new version of the phones of Samsung, which bear the name “Samsung Galaxy Fold”, after the audit reports which confirmed the lack of validity of the phone to work.

Reports have come before days of its release on the market, which was scheduled for the twenty-sixth of April.

The phone which was expected to revolutionize the world of technology smart phones because of its screen folding, are expected to witness selling his reluctance unprecedented by consumers.

Broken devices

Samsung’s comment on the “scandal” her phone “Galaxy Fold” folding

In spite of the police to conduct tests to check the overall of the phone, revealed the reports of the auditors and the Galaxy Fold, they may have already suffered from broken devices.

And a number of journalists who were provided a copy of the device of the multiple issues related to the company, and bought Mark Gorman, in “Bloomberg” from the bad screen of the device, he commented: “screen ended”.

Said Steve Kovacs, technical editor at “CNBC” If “the machine was working badly, after only one day of using it”.

In bought the the ferry Bonn, of uprising who appeared on the screen.

سامسونج تعلق على «فضيحة» هاتفها «Galaxy Fold» القابل للطي Samsung’s comment on the “scandal” her phone “Galaxy Fold” folding

Samsung want

سامسونج تعلق على «فضيحة» هاتفها «Galaxy Fold» القابل للطي Samsung’s comment on the “scandal” her phone “Galaxy Fold” folding

Issued company Samsung is a statement saying it “will open this unit personally with high accuracy to determine the cause of the problem,” according to the Wall Street Journal, Joanne Stern, the launch of the folds of planned on 26 April remains stable without any signal delay.

She added the company: “we are pleated also, we will teach you how to delayed test, but so far we haven’t faced these problems during the OLED screen hinge or covered with plastic.

He added the company’s statement: “the provision of a limited number of samples of the Galaxy Fold amount of media for review, we’ve received some reports on the main display on the samples provided, and we will check out these units in person to determine the cause of it”.

He completed the statement: “separately, informed some of the reviewers about the removal of the top layer of the screen causing damage to the screen, featuring the main screen in the Galaxy Fold with a protective layer top, which is part of the structure screen designed to protect the screen from scratches and unintentional, may lead to the removal of the protective layer or add a adhesive material to your home screen to damage”.

“We will ensure the delivery of this information clearly to our customers”, the company said Samsung in its statement.

Completed police statement said: “through the price at which the old 1980 dollars, are concerns about how the editing tool and among the most important questions that he hopes users top ten in the answer, it does not matter whether the device extender solves the problem of the tools is diverse, and it doesn’t matter if it can not continue more than a week without a meltdown, we hope that this will be a problem isolated with the units early, but won’t tell us except time.”

The company “Samsung” has announced that the device is capable of carrying around 200 thousand times of case open and close without any problems, about 300 times a day over two years.

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