Samsung’s implementation of the possible launch of the Galaxy Fold in the month of July next


In just the past week, hinted an executive at Samsung to the possibility of launching a smartphone rollaway Galaxy Fold in the month of July next, but we today we received more bad news with the knowledge that this bad news comes from Samsung itself.

Earlier rumored that Samsung will hold a press conference summary in the near future to announce the launch date of the new phone Galaxy Fold. However, a spokesman said the official name of the company that if there was a press conference the company plans to Samsung for holding it in the next few weeks, you’ve heard something about it. Moreover, it has denied Samsung’s also now the possibility of the launch of the Galaxy Fold in the month of July next.

So it seems that the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold which is announced by Samsung along with the series phones Galaxy S10 Series in the month of February may not reach store shelves before the Galaxy Note 10.


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