Samsung’s patented wireless charger shipped “via air”

The term wireless charging on the current technical thought wrong some thing; unlike wireless internet, is considered wireless charging on the mode of the device above the charging plate, and in practice we find the wired charging is better as it allows using your device is charging easily, but this will soon change to match the aspirations of the user.

There are many patents and prototypes of the initial loan wireless remote operated actually, one of the patents (and perhaps more) was working on, Samsung recently, so a perfectly logical being of science the Korean of the largest manufacturers of electronic devices in the world and it is natural to look for advanced technology to charge its devices.

Just file a patent Samsung recently published by the World Intellectual Property Organization, the Korean giant develops technology wireless charging a reality; has been under request for registration in Korea in 2016, and the charger can focus energy on a specific device in the room and can overcome the obstacles through the reflectors to reach all around the room, this means that it will use the charger even if the case between the device charged and someone or something.

Of course there is no guarantee that the patent will be embodied in the image of a commercial product as is the case with a lot of patents, but no doubt that design is a logical development following the submission of the wireless charging current; it was not a question of”if” it will happen, but”when”, would that be close to the Samsung.

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