San Francisco prohibits the use of facial recognition technology

Became San Francisco the first city in the United States prohibit the use of the technique of face recognition by departments of the city, including the San Francisco Police Department.

This comes after the city council approved, by a majority, a decree to stop the secret surveillance, which prohibits the use of facial recognition software, or retain the information that is obtained from systems through the facial recognition software.

Became facial recognition technology is increasingly common in places such as airports, which are also used by some police forces.

And who support the ban: the technology is NOT Flawed, but also pose a serious threat to civil rights, especially in a city famous for organizing public protests and to maintain privacy.

As they are also concerned about the inability of people to go to the mall or resort or school, without identifying them and hunt them down.

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Andexplains the decree that facial recognition technology know the rights and civil liberties are considerably higher than the benefits claimed, it will lead this technology to understanding racial injustice threaten the ability of the city to live without government oversight level.

Description The author of the decree, Aaron Biscayne Aaron Peskin, the face recognition technology as a serious technique to uniquely, and that the decree attempted to achieve a balance between security and guard against state surveillance, nor does it try to illustrate that living in a safe community doesn’t mean living in a state of control.

He cited Aaron with facial recognition that is used to track the population of the Islamic New Muslims in western China, the test conducted by the American Civil Liberties Union ACLU on the technique of Amazon shopping on the face, called Rekognition, which suffered on the 28th of members of Congress as criminals.

Said Aaron: “if we can get the security without the to be state security, can we have a good police without being a police state”.

And the new decree of the city of San Francisco, which is scheduled to enter into force within a month, the use of facial recognition technology by departments of 53 in the city – including the San Francisco Police Department – which does not use this technique currently, as reported by CNN CNN.

However, the decree excludes facilities under the control of the U.S. government-federal, such as the San Francisco International Airport, the port of San Francisco.

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