SanDisk unveils card UHS-I capacity 1 TB at a conference #MWC2019

Announced SanDisk officially revealed today the latest version of external memory card UHS-I, which features the highest speed in data transfer with a capacity of 1 TB.

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Offers card SanDisk external memory card Extreme today with a capacity of 1 TB and 512 GB, the highest capacity microSD card, with the speed to read data up to 160 MB per second, the speed in data writing up to 90 MB per second.

Also compatible memory card with the level of Class 1 and A2 for faster launch and load applications, where the company confirmed that this speed in reading the data will enter users in the application of the technique of virtual reality, or with filming in 4K.

It is scheduled to come card microSDXC UHS-I 512 GB is priced at $ 200 approx, while come card microSDXC UHS-I with a capacity of 1 terabyte at a price of $ 450 roughly, that all two cards in the month of April.


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