Saudi Arabia issued a document of work free independent

No longer term action free strange day for internet users-Arab, where millions of them are working this style is the level of the presidents, the Saudi Arabia of the most prominent supporters of the government, not through the document self-employment.

Announced the Saudi Ministry of Labor announced the launch of the document work for free that gives its holder many of the motivators and benefits that will be expressed later, banking services and financing through the development bank.

The document aims to support and promote the concept of free labor in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the registration information of the person who works a free (independent) with specialization in the ministry where they provide 80 different specialty and delicate.

Can obtain the document free of charge and within 10 minutes only through the official website of no where released until the moment, more than 12 thousand documents.

For each document a serial number can speak of the authenticity of the document, any free agent you want to deal with cross-queried from the same site.

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