Saudi Research and publishing launches the website of “death” to electronic

الشركة السعودية للأبحاث والنشر تطلق موقع "المول" للتجارة الالكترونية

Holding company Saudi Research and publishing at the Ritz Carlton Hotel a great conference to celebrate the launch of the website “death” to electronic commerce, with the aim of providing a platform for young Saudis to display their products on the App Store which seeks through his company to provide a different form of electronic commerce in the kingdom.

Came needs the presence of a large number of business men and women, the Saudis, next to a group of more social networks and a number of experts interested in the field of electronic markets.

Provides the location of the many different products include the brands offer inside and outside the kingdom, which come with additional services to the user, where the possibility of Free Shipping for all areas in Saudi Arabia without a minimum purchase limit, the next facing the Department of special discounts that are up between 30% to 70%, in addition to free delivery service within 24 hours with the option to pay cash on delivery possibility to return the products in case you haven’t turned on satisfied customers.

And the chief editor of magazine Madam President the draft, and Mohammed Fahad Al-Harthi, the need for media companies to think differently to develop a particular area, and the challenges facing this field are the same ones that don’t open the new opportunities for successful.

Said Al-Harthy to the themes in the group were able to build a large audience relaxes and trusts him. And to put this project comes within the framework of the provision of other services to Continental to build a new investment channels. He added that Saudi Arabia experienced a growth in projects, an electronic registry and 86% in the previous year, this gives a glimpse of the opportunities existing in the market.

He stressed the founder of the project that the website will be a platform especially for young people and businesses in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf to showcase their products, as the company will provide marketing support and media to them.

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