Saudi Telecom will launch a digital payment service after approval of

Confirmed STC they were in the process develop a service system of digital payments to achieve the digital transformation in the kingdom.

The company cooperates with the Saudi Arabian monetary Agency to implement the company’s strategy for achieving the objectives of the kingdom’s vision 2030.

Deals with a short video clip that shows the service that the company aspires to be submitted within a bouquet of services and products they provide at their access to necessary approvals.

She had the media quoted sources particularly in institution point of readiness to launch two initiatives in the field of electronic payment relating to first activate the purchase of the electronic stores across the cards over the Bank and to follow up global and local. And the second direct payment via smart phones through NFC technology

Is expected to exceed the value of payments through digital means in the world 4.7 trillion dollars by next year duplicated for payment in 2014.

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