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iPhone XS Max

Once it reaches the phone, sophisticated new to the market will usually see a TV channel famous on YouTube JerryRigEverything conduct tests for durability, which include the test of scratching and tuck and this smart phones in order to know the extent of its ability to resist scratches and various other challenges. Now, it seems that now is the time for the phone iPhone XS Max released by Apple just to undergo the same treatment.

iPhone XS Max is the latest smartphone that Apple released it, and similar to the iPhone X released by Apple in the past year, it comes to the design of the sandwich that has a layer of two glass in the front and rear with a frame made of solid metal and not aluminum, so scratches look a little different. For the screen of the phone iPhone XS Max, they are not exposed to scratches with keys and coins, but beware of the sand pocket and granite because this material scratched the screen of the iPhone XS Max Your easily.

There is a strip of plastic between the glass and the frame, which serves as a buffer to help prevent breakage energy glass when you drop the phone, that’s a good thing considering the fact that the cost of replacement energy glass and the rear is $ 500.

Zack has also conducted more tests of the phone iPhone XS Max to measure the hardness of this device, such as a test, burned the screen which worked when the phone perfect. There is also a test of the crease, and although there was some flexibility, it wasn’t damaged permanently. Check it out for yourself in the video below.

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