Scammers are trying to cash in on the double cryptocurrency Cardano

The company Cardano Foundation, which is behind the promotion of one of the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization Cardano, warned of a new same. The danger is that the new project is covered by the title of this cryptocurrency. Imitators decided to use the name Cardano Gold. Now they are at the stage of public offering tokens.

The situation was commented Director General of IOHK Charles Hoskinson. Recall, a company that creates a cryptocurrency and blackany.

We understand that has reached the heights when we will see the emergence of Cardano Cash or even Cardano”s Vision.

Earlier this week, Hoskinson I did a brief session of questions and answers, during which he joked that the presence of copycats indicates the value of the project. In addition, he believes, do not need to worry about anyone trying to copy Cardano.

In this case he was referring to the Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin and SV (Satoshi Vision), the creators of which are positioning them as the "real Bitcoin".

Few people could then to assume that the joke will become a reality. After all, Hoskinson assured that the code Cardano impossible to copy, and after a couple of days Cardano Foundation warns its users about the copycats.

The project impersonators called Cardano Gold uses without authorization a registered trademark of Cardano. We urge you to beware of this Scam.

Cardano Gold Scam

According to the official website of Scam-project (which, incidentally, no longer works), the price of coins is just over $ 25 and available for purchase for BTC, ETH, LTC and XRP. However, any attentive person will immediately notice spelling errors and typos on the main page of the site.

Source: Cardano Gold

According to the creators of the project, Cardano Gold provides plastic cards that can be replenished cryptocurrency and pay anywhere. On the website of the company was written like that.

Cardano Gold uses a “smart matrix matching quotes” and allows the cardholder to make payment at the best rates.

The service helps to exchange cryptocurrency for dollars and other Fiat currency. The purse of the company allegedly supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dogecoin, and in the future it is planned to implement support for other cryptocurrencies. The site also claimed that the project have mentioned many times in the media, but a cursory scan of search engines, helped to clarify that such publications do not exist.

Listed on the website of the company’s employees also do not exist. To be precise: they are real people, but the existence of Cardano Gold many people have not heard. For example, in the role of CEO of listed Enrico Campagnol, who is actually the CEO of the Italian software company the ORS GROUP.

Source: Cardano Gold

Consultant blockchain in the company Dr. Ingo Fiedler — in fact, a researcher at the University of Hamburg. Besides, there are Arnab NASCAR, who publicly denied any involvement in the project. However, the site says that he’s an adviser on public sales.

Here is his tweet where the expert denies ties to project.

Moreover, the scammers claim that 50 percent of the proceeds from token sales will go to research and development, and only 20 percent as remuneration for the team. In this project Cardano Gold allegedly was launched back in 2017, but as the Wayback Machine, the site actually was created a few days ago.

I think there is no need to dissuade you to invest in this Scam your money, because everything is immediately obvious. I want to just, as always, to recommend to conduct your own research of each project in which you for one reason or another, decided to invest. Often it's not as easy as it seems at first glance. And especially for beginners who probably just do not expect trick.

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