Schedule posts now available to corporate accounts on Instagram

انستغرام Instagram

انستغرام Instagram

Added network Instagram, indirectly, the possibility to schedule posts to calculate the companies on the network, this is not revealed about the arrival of the package Graph code to insert.

And don’t expect an official way to schedule posts on Instagram, as is the case in the network Facebook. But, after recent updates, the companies take advantage of this characteristic when you use one of the management tools, social network accounts, similar to Hootsuite وSocialFlow.

And my former college to schedule posts will not be available within the official app at the moment, and its way only in the external tools that depend on the package of Instagram’s code, without knowing the reason behind it.

Submitted package to Graph a range of other features such as getting detailed data on performance of posts and accounts, as well as monitor and manage comments, and those tools will be for regular accounts with solutions to 2019 as announced by the company.

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