Scientists are looking to exploit the coldness of outer space and convert to renewable energy


In these days there is a greater focus than ever on the search for renewable energy sources. Because our natural resources are limited, and in the end will carry out all the traditional classes. This is the reason behind the transformation of many businesses to use solar, wind and hydro.

However, besides these natural energies are renewable, what are the other things that humans can use? It turns out that the coldness of outer space can serve as a form of renewable energy as well. In fact, in a study published last week, scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles already harness the coldness of outer space using a $ 30 device only, so in order to get enough power to operate the LED lamp.

While this is a far cry from the ability to provide the cities, houses or entire data centers energy, except that it shows the potential of this technology. Device depends on the electric generator thermal can generate electricity from the difference in the temperature of the ” hot side ” and ” cold side“, where it is directed to one of the sides towards the ground, while the other side toward the sky.

This is not some new discovery and knows cryotherapy radiation, but according to the researcher Aaswath Raman, he has stated by saying : ” This is frankly the experience can be performed by a high school student, you will probably lose it at some point. Simplicity is what makes it compelling “. However, he added : ” the big caveat with this experiment is that the amount of energy that we are born too small “.

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