Scientists: “By the end of 2018, we will raise the Neanderthal brain”

About the ancient representatives of the genus Homo, the Neanderthals, we know only the bone remains, rock carvings and the scientists. But soon will be able to more deeply appreciate not only the fossils, but the real anatomical structure of ancient people. After all, a group of scientists under the leadership of anthropologist Svante Paabo, plans by the end of this year to grow and learn the Neanderthal brain.

Despite the rather serious statement, nothing is impossible in the work of scientists there. For their research, they plan to use human stem cells and editor of the genome of CRISPR. The latter researchers will contribute to the genetic code of the cells a number of genes of the Neanderthal man, which, according to the experts, was responsible for the development of the brain and nervous system. Therefore, the genetic restructuring would “guide” the stem cells towards neurons. As a result, you will get some highly specialized cells of the brain or even entire organelles.

Growing of such structures is not new. Already a long time small fragments of bodies are prepared in the laboratory to test drugs. However, unlike real bodies, these structures have a rather characteristic feature: when the function is executed they are only doing their job, not “live fully.” That is grown parts of the brain will transmit signals to each other, but not to think and feel. Scientists primarily interested in is how were formed between cells of the brain of Neanderthals, as well as the propagation time of a signal through the neurons. It depends on the number of processes from the formation of reflexes to the process of remembering and memory. As stated by Mr Svante Paabo,

“If we succeed, we know what our main difference from Neanderthals. Based on current data, it is impossible to say that the fate of the Neanderthals sadly happened because of the work of the brain. However, this is by far the basic theory, and we can confirm or deny.”

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