Scientists found the most distant dwarf planet in the Solar system

Last year scientist Scott Sheppard of the Carnegie institution, together with colleagues discovered the most distant celestial body in the Solar system. Then the object called FarOut. But a group of researchers decided not to stay, and this year efforts were rewarded: astronomers have updated the record and opened the new facility, which still further to 20 astronomical units. How is it called?

Apparently, the scientists decided not to wrestle, and called him the type of the last object FarFarOut. According to the journal Science, citing Sheppard, the new object was discovered using the same data of telescopes that have been configured on the search for the ninth planet. Apparently, the object is at a distance of 140 astronomical units from the Sun (before Pluto distance 4 times less).

Yet the existence of the new object has not been confirmed, he still has a “speaking” name. However, before the scientist locates distant objects in the Solar system — for example, an object 2015 TG387, which at the time of opening was at a record distance of about 80 astronomical units. The first images of the 2018 VG18, object FarOut, was made on 10 November 2018 on vosjmimetrovaya the Subaru telescope in Hawaii.

Group Sheppard specializiruetsya to searching remote Solar system objects. Now a scientist is planning to protect his discovery, and then to continue the search for new celestial bodies. However, to determine the orbital parameters of a distant object may take several years.

The result, the astronomers confirms the hypothesis of the existence of Planet X. her First presence in the Solar system predicted by astronomers Michael brown and Konstantin Batygin, who took as a basis the parameters of the orbits of the seven facilities in 2004 VN112, 2013 RF98F and others.

In 2018, it was the astronomers from the Carnegie institution announced the discovery of 12 new satellites of the gas giant Jupiter. The discovery of new satellites increases the total number of Jupiter to 79, which is more than any other planet in our Solar system.

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