Scientists from Stanford have figured out how to get from carbon dioxide in the hydrocarbon fuel

Emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the last several decades has greatly crippled the ecology of our planet. That is why more and more developments in the field of creation of means to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. But the gas contains in its composition carbon, which in theory can be used to create a variety of connections (including the fuel). Another attempt of processing CO2 was attended by scientists from Stanford University. As they report, their method is much more efficient than most existing.

According to the publication new technology for utilization of carbon dioxide (CO2) based on the conversion of it into carbon monoxide (co). Scientists want to increase the value of CO2 by electrolysis.

“Ethylene, acetate and ethanol, in essence, much more valuable, as there may be a raw material for the production of more complex compounds. But the conversion of CO2 into CO — affordable and profitable process.”

Despite the fact that the conversion of CO2 to CO may development of the technology, which can produce these processes in industrial scale, is still a problem. If not strongly to go into chemical interaction, the output in these reactions were obtained compounds with impurities, from which the substance had to be further purified.

A group of scientists from Stanford, headed by Matthew Cannom created the items for electrolysis, which are devoid of these shortcomings. In a new installation of gas diffusion electrodes together with a new system of delivery of raw materials provide a more efficient reaction processes, and reduction in the electrolyte solution. This allows the output of hydrocarbon raw materials “one thread”, avoiding contact with impurities.

Now scientists are exploring the possibility of scaling their product to create large stations for processing. And if they succeed, then, according to the authors of the project, such installations can be used not only on Earth but also, for example, on the space colonies for more effective use of resources.

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