Scientists have achieved superconductivity at record high temperatures

Эффект Мейснера

From school lessons of physics we know that an electric current flowing through a conductor meets with resistance. Because of this, a lot of energy is expended for nothing, but in 1911, scientists have noticed a strange feature of certain materials occurring at low temperatures. They become superconductors, that is, conduct current freely, without any resistance. Due to health only in the cold, they cannot be used in smartphones, but it seems soon they will be able to work even at room temperature.

In September 2018, scientists have discovered that the combination of lanthanum and hydrogen are able to provide superconductivity at a temperature of -70°C. Now, three months later, researchers from Germany claim that broke the record — using a hydride Lantana they have achieved superconductivity at a temperature of -23°C. This means that in theory it can already be used at the North pole with an average winter temperature of -40°C.

At the moment their result is not confirmed officially, but the probability of successful passing the tests is very high. Hydride of lanthanum has already proven its effectiveness in lowering the critical temperature threshold and the replacement of some elements heavier isotopes. At the moment scientists are not able to achieve of the Meissner effect, when the magnetic field is completely displaced from the conductor. The difficulty lies in the fact that the diameter of the material equal to several millimeters and it is located inside the diamond affect it high blood pressure.

On a new superconductor worked as a physicist from the Institute for chemistry max Planck named Mikhail Eremets. In 2014, he had already discovered a material with a record temperature superconductivity — it was the hydrogen sulfide at a temperature of -70°C.

How do you think the world will change after the superconductors will be used in the household and wearable electronics? Their assumptions it is possible to write in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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