Scientists have begun to create a new class of antibiotics that can kill superbugs

Lately, pharmacists are increasingly concerned about the emergence of so-called superbugs — organisms resistant to most known antibiotics. And to destroy them need to create “superactivity”. It is this and engaged a group of Danish bacteriologist.

According to the publication Nature, the study is headed by Dr. Hans Christian Graham of Genentech. The development is conducted in the framework of the project G0775.

According to one classification bacteria are divided into 2 types: gram-positive and gram-negative. The first in the structure have an outer membrane that prevents the penetration of foreign agents inside. That’s what gives them stability, but on the surface of the membrane is peptidoglycan, which is a target for antibiotics. Bacteria from the second category also have peptidoglycan, but it is “hidden” between the two membranes, which is extremely difficult to combat these pathogens.

Today there are some “cooperativity”, which is a substance of class arylamino that block enzymes that are important for the activity of bacteria, penetrating through the cell walls. The new molecule is much more efficient than the existing G0775. She has much better permeability. G0775 have already tested for resistant to 13 antibiotics, the strain of Klebsiella Pneumoniae. And G0775 showed high efficiency. But, despite the positive results, to create new medicines still far. As the researchers note,

“It’s too early to say that the discovery of a new type of compounds that can block the signal processes will revolutionize medicine in the near future. Such antibiotics appear very rarely. Now we will continue to modify G0775 to destroy other strains of bacteria that are already not affected by common antibiotics.”

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