Scientists have created a tooth sensor that will control the power supply

Saying “We are what we eat” has a much deeper meaning than it might seem at first glance, because of food consumed depends on a variety of health indicators. But watch out for what we consume, and to keep diaries of the food is not always convenient and not everyone needs. Here to the aid can come high technology: experts from the Engineering school of tufts University has created a unique device that attaches to the tooth surface and automatically records all the essential data about nutrition.

According to the editorial Board of the journal Advanced Materials, the invention of scientists at the moment are able to capture information on the consumption of glucose, salt and alcohol. The sensor itself consists of three layers: two outer layers, which act as antennas for signal transmission, and the main bioglasses, which is responsible for accounting and recognition of nutrients. The received data is forwarded to a special application on the smartphone. In addition, the sensor can change colour depending on what substances found in food.

It is worth noting that such device was created before, but they had a whole heap of disadvantages: the small period of work and frequent recharging, the need to use protective material, the presence of wires and large dimensions. The new device has dimensions of only 2 x 2 mm and is devoid of the above drawbacks.

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