Scientists have created water-soluble plastic

The problem of pollution with plastic waste and their derivatives is particularly acute the first year and many scientists from around the world are trying to solve it. However, it is possible that a group of Chilean scientists have found a solution by creating the production technology of soluble plastic material, and that’s funny, managed to make it completely random.

Chemists in the production of new type plastic material instead of the traditional petroleum products used limestone. The thus obtained material is dissolved in cold water for several minutes. Initially, however, scientists have tried to develop not plastic: they worked on the creation of biodegradable household chemicals, which when dissolved in water would be harmless to the environment. But in the process of experiments accidentally got a chemical formula on the basis of solidifying polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) is soluble in cold water.

“The main difference of our product from the pack is that it can be disposed of for at least five minutes in the pan, though in a washing machine. As raw material for our product is used PVA and other components approved by Management on sanitary inspection behind quality of foodstuff and medicines (FDA).”

The process of dissolution of the plastic bag

Apparently, the authors are so confident in the security of their technology that they decided to drink the resulting solution

Now scientists want to “expand the range”, not limited to plastic bags, developing containers, Cutlery, disposable (in all senses) dishes and so on. But with the production of, for example, plastic bottles scientists may experience some difficulties.

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