Scientists have discovered a new dinosaur. He was like a duck

Today, scientists-paleontologists, who study fossil remains of ancient animals and plants, has opened more than 1000 different species of dinosaurs. The number of new species is constantly growing, and recently, scientists have discovered one previously unknown species. Judging by their remains, ancient giant was very different from the other dinosaurs — the structure of his head was such that he vaguely resembled a duck.

Unusual dinosaur bones were found in 1980-e years, in the National Park of big bend, located on the territory of the U.S. state of Texas. Then a student of Texas tech University by the name of Tom Lehman, who at the moment is a Professor, unearthed a skull of an unknown creature with a duck nose and a wide jaw. To determine the species of dinosaur did not succeed, because his bones were firmly glued together, but eventually scientists were able to separate them and study carefully.

A new species of dinosaur

Found dinosaur clearly belonged to a family called hadrosaurid. They can be easily distinguished from others because of the unusual shape of the head — their mouth is very reminiscent of the beak of modern ducks. In some species it was possible to detect the ridges that hid under a large nasal cavity that served for the edition of loud noises. Found the dinosaur that entity to the head was not, so we can assume that he was much quieter than their counterparts.

Scientists gave the new species the name Aquilarhinus palimentus and noted that he is probably one of the first members of the “duckbilled” dinosaurs. Most likely, that is why its head was a crest — this formation could appear in other species at a later time. But, the founder from the beginning had a wide jaw that allows him to easily produce and eat seaweed.

The fossilized jaw of a new dinosaur

Researchers believe that the dinosaur died while eating. Probably, at the time of his death he was eating seaweed from the bottom of a marsh situated on the territory of today’s desert of Chihuahua. His body may lie among the seaweed for a very long time, so it is not surprising that his bones stuck together so that separation took several years.

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Some scientists believe that if the meteorite that is believed to have caused the death of the dinosaurs, fell in another place, ancient creatures could live for many more years. It would have completely changed history and perhaps now people would have to share a planet with these giant predators. But who knows — maybe at the moment the dinosaurs would have been as intelligent as man?

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