Scientists have discovered an unknown source of gravitational waves

In 2016, the Laser-interferometric gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) has confirmed the existence of gravitational waves — variations of the gravitational field that propagate like waves. The reason for their occurrence was the collision of two black holes, the researchers said during the official press conference. Recently became aware of a new, unexpected burst of gravitational waves, the source of which is somewhere in the depths of space. However, what could be the reason for the surge now not known.

The existence of gravitational waves predicted by Einstein’s General relativity

The cause of the burst of gravitational waves

Some time later, after confirmation of the existence of gravitational waves, LIGO staff have recorded a burst of gravitational waves that occurred due to the merger of the black holes and neutron stars. This time, however, cause ripples in the fabric of the Universe remains for scientists a riddle. Astronomers have long hoped that the successful detection of gravitational waves may allow them to see the Universe quite differently. The various causes of burst of gravitational waves may allow them to do it.

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As writes The Insider, Professor of astronomy University of Nottingham Michael Merrifield considers this fact to be strange. Recall that LIGO is the most sensitive detector of distortion in the fabric of space-time. The staff of LIGO recognized that few people understand how they can proceed. Although astrophysicists have been assuming that gravitational waves can reach us from the most poorly explored corners of the Universe, which today we have too little information. Similarly, for these reasons, researchers are unable to predict their next occurrence.

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Gravitational waves are formed due to the collision of two black holes

On the website LIGO argues that for this kind of gravitational waves, scientists need to recognize the pattern of signals, even if such patterns have not been predicted or simulated (as we think it might look like signal). Agree, it’s quite logical — if you don’t know what you’re looking for, it is really hard to find. However, no matter how difficult was the search for the source of the burst of gravitational waves, the researchers note that their discovery has the potential for revolutionary disclosure of information about the Universe.

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Some scientists suggest that the wave could come from the Betelgeuse — a nearby star that behaves strangely and may be about to supernova. But now Betelgeuse is in place and the source of the burst of gravitational waves, it seems, and all is in another part of the Universe. Anyway, we just need to wait and hope that soon we will know the innermost secrets of our amazing Universe.

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