Scientists have found the explanation of the mysterious lines on Phobos

Спутник Марса Фобос

Back in the 1970-ies, during the Mariner and Viking missions, the space Agency NASA received pictures of Mars and its satellite Phobos. That’s when astronomers noticed that the moon’s surface there is a mysterious band. They had three assumptions about their occurrence. First, the lines could remain after a collision with space debris. Second, it can be seen, foreshadowing the imminent destruction of Phobos. Thirdly, the furrow could occur when the appearance of the crater Stickney. The third option was the most plausible.

Stickney is the largest crater on the surface of Mars — where the diameter of Phobos is 27 km, the diameter of the crater is 9 km away and It is so big that inside it there is another crater, Lontok, with a diameter of about 2 km is Considered that the size of Stickney is so huge that the surface of Mars, it is simply impossible to discern.

The hypothesis that the striations were formed by debris, resulting in a collision of some object with Poosam, was made in 1970. To confirm it, researchers from brown University Kenneth Ramli and James head has recreated the time of formation of a crater on the computer. Modeling completely mimic the movement of debris, the shape of the satellite and the gravitational environment in which it is located.

Кратер Стикни

The model was run on a standard laptop, according to the researchers, “they just pressed the button and watched what was happening.” To their surprise, the boulders could really leave deep scars. Due to the small size of the satellite, they passed it a few times — this explains the crossing of the lines. Earlier hypothesis on the relationship between Stickney and lines were rejected because of the fact that the furrow passed over each other. It was believed that when the punch line would be straight.

Also modeling has solved the mystery of why on Phobos there’s a blind spot where the mysterious lines are completely absent. It turns out that this area is surrounded by rocky ledges that served as springboards for boulders as they simply flew through the area.

The hypothesis has also been questioned due to the fact that the lines are even inside the crater. The assumption was that the “scars” appeared long after the emergence of Stickney. Computer model have dispelled this doubt — some blocks are simply pushed back to wherever he came from, into the crater.

Do you believe in the arguments of scientists, or can think of your own explanation of the mysterious streaks? Your opinion and suggestions can leave in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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